Stillwater News Press

April 12, 2013

Taylor Cavett's winning attitude adds up to wins for Glencoe

By Andrew Glover

GLENCOE, Okla. — Some players don’t like the pressure that comes with pitching. Glencoe senior Taylor Cavett is an exception.

“His attitude is he wants the ball,” coach Tony Cazzelle said. “Even if he’s pitched the day before he asks for the ball.”

Cavett said he likes to compete and wants to perform his best.

“I have a winning attitude,” Cavett said. “That’s the same with everyone else on the team.”

Saturday, in the semifinals of the Coyle Tournament, Cavett only allowed one run on two hits and struck out seven in a 5-1 victory over Morrison. The senior pitcher said he likes the challenge that comes with pitching.

“Baseball is a tough game and is about overcoming failure,” Cavett said. “I’m just comfortable in tough situations.”

The Panthers were definitely reliant on Cavett’s arm as they were held to just two hits. Cavett said the lack of offensive production didn’t bother him.

“I don’t have many nerves,” Cavett said. “I have faith in my teammates that they will get me runs.”

Cazzelle said the things that make Cavett effective is effort and ability to keep hitters off balance.

“He competes hard,” Cazzelle said. “He has a good curveball and is pretty smart about things. If he can get his curveball working, it makes his fastball even more dangerous.”

Cavett agreed his curveball is effective, adding he has a good rapport with catcher Jake Lazenby.

“I just listen to my catcher,” Cavett said. “He’s usually thinking about the count.”

It may have taken Glencoe some time to adjust to playing baseball after coming off a state championship in basketball. The Panthers are hitting their stride as they’ve won 10 in a row.

“We’re getting a lot better,” Cavett said. “Hopefully we can win district and regionals and maybe get to the state tournament and win it all.”

Honorable mention

Ty Lazenby, Glencoe

Robin Porter, Glencoe

Cooper Skluzacek, Perry