Stillwater News Press

February 17, 2014

Q5: Stillwater wrestling riding a large wave of success

By Derek Brown
Stillwater News Press

STILLWATER, Okla. — Doug Chesbro is the Stillwater High School wrestling coach.  Chesbro has been coaching the Pioneers for the past 19 years.

1 How long have you been involved in wrestling?

I've been involved in wrestling for 51 years. My father was coaching wrestling in Blackwell when I was born. It's been part of my life ever since. I have been a head coach for 26 years in High School, two years in Junior High and two as an assistant. I've had the pleasure of being here at SHS for 19 years.

2 Have you gone about coaching this season any differently?

Yes and no. You never want to become stagnate in what you do, but you also want to use coaching techniques that are tried and true. The kids change every year and you have to adjust to the individuals.

3 Is the environment in the wrestling room the same as previous seasons?

Yes. The kids still have fun, they still work hard. We seldom talk about our situation, but try and focus on things that will make them a better team. The difference this year is that these kids know that they have something special happening.


4 This year in duals the team has gone 19-1 and has been ranked at No. 1 in Class 6A. What does this say about the program as a whole?

We have been a team that has hovered around the top five in the state, for the last 10 years. Every so often, you get a team that has some special talents, and if you can channel those in the right direction,  you will have a winner. This program has a proud tradition in the wrestling world. This season just happens to be one of those years when everything comes together, at the right time and in the right place.

5 How does it feel to have this much success this year?

As a coach your success can be measured in many ways, team championships and individual accolades are great, but seeing a group of kids come together, work hard, and continue to improve is what I consider success. Getting something out of kids that they didn't think they had in them is extremely satisfying.