Stillwater News Press

May 30, 2013

Stillwater High school basketball campers practice fundamentals

By Andrew Glover
Stillwater NewsPress


If you were to ask Stillwater High School basketball coach Michael Davis what makes a good basketball player, one word comes to mind — repetition.

“Some of the stuff they’ve been seeing and doing all their lives,” Davis said. “They just keep going over things they can get better at. There are always some things you can improve at. It helps the younger kids see the older kids here. The older kids learn to be big brothers to the little kids.”

Davis and his staff hopes that repetition will help players improve their skills during the Stillwater Pioneer basketball camp this week at the high school gyms.

The camp had children as young as kindergarten age to high school participating. The younger kids learned skills through games and had dunk contests. For the older kids, it’s strictly business as they were playing against each other in 3-on-3 games.

“Over here with young guys it should be fun while working on fundamentals,” Davis said. “Over here (with the older kids) it’s more competitive. Each level you go it’s more competitive and we are working on stuff like that.”

Davis said though the intensity is higher with the older kids, they aren’t working specifically on the Pioneers’ system.

“It’s more working on individual skills because we have a lot of time to work on individual skills and stuff,” Davis said. “Especially the guys that just finished playing for us, we can work on the things they need to work on. Ballhandling, defense, shooting, a lot of stuff we can get done.”

Some of the older kids were members of last season’s Pioneer team. Others are a couple years away. Davis said it gives his staff an advantage working with the kids now.

“We get to see the kids coming our way that we don’t see all the time,” Davis said. “It helps us too.”

The camp wraps up on Friday. Davis hopes his campers work on their game doesn’t stop then.

“You got to practice on the things we’ve been working on,” Davis said. “Obviously in four days, we can’t turn you into a LeBron James or anything like that. We can make you better and give you some things to work on and ideas on how to work on them. If they take one thing from my camp about being a better player, that’s great because we know they are working on stuff.”