Stillwater News Press

May 7, 2014

Ripley’s Gosney and Sadler share bond in middle infield

By Andrew Glover
Stillwater News Press

STILLWATER, Okla. — Ever since Ripley seniors Garret Gosney and Cory Sadler played baseball, they’ve been right next to each other at shortstop and second base. Thursday, the two seniors will take the field at Palmer Field at Dolese Park as they wrap up their playing careers at the Class A state tournament.

“That’s been my starting up the middle for years,” coach Donnie Hoffman said. “There wasn’t anyone better on (Friday). Those guys were solid and just played phenomenal.”

Gosney and Sadler have played together since they were in seventh grade. Sadler said they know where the other one is at on the field.

“We’ve worked well together,” Sadler said. “We make plays for each other.”

The two middle infielders have been on the starting end of many double plays during their time at Ripley. Gosney agreed and said they’ve helped each other become better players.

“We work hard in practice and it shows in games,” Gosney said.

While the Warriors will leave it all on the field, when they play No. 3 Binger-Oney at 1:30 p.m. Thursday, Gosney and Sadler will take their friendship with them.

“He’s a great friend,” Sadler said. “We’ve grown up together.”

“We’ve played baseball and basketball together,” Gosney said. “It’s great having him as a friend.”

In Friday’s 2-0 regional championship victory, it was Gosney and Sadler teaming up to make the final three outs. Gosney fielded a grounder and Sadler caught a pop fly and fielded a ground ball. Sadler drove in Gosney in the first inning to give the Warriors the lead.

“It was so exciting,” Sadler said. “I throw it to our first baseman and didn’t see him catch it. I knew it was great and we all went in and dog piled.”

With Ripley playing in their first state tournament game since 2008, Hoffman will be looking to his seniors to provide leadership.

“I have some veterans with Garret and Cory that will help with state nerves,” Hoffman said. “We just need to play to our ability and give ourselves the best chance to win.”