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October 16, 2010


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STILLWATER, Okla. — If it ain’t broke ...

Thank you for your comments on the new federal mandates for road signs. 

I had the same reaction exactly when I read the article in the NewsPress. More waste mandated by a federal agency.

With all the issues we face in our economy, our aging infrastructure, limited funds for education, overcrowded prisons, etc, it is "hog wash" (and I am old enough to have used that phrase)!  If we "Baby Boomers" cannot see a 24-inch "STOP" sign, then we shouldn't be driving. 

I don't anticipate an extreme hazard by not having large, reflective, limited-number-of-colors of street name signs.  Yes, at night it may be hard to read some of them, but if that is the case we are usually driving very slowly anyway. 

Do you recall some years ago when Oklahoma put out a bunch of new signs that had metric distances to the towns ahead?  Then we covered the metric distances with English mile stickers in anticipation of the feds requiring metric signage.  That didn't happen. 

I still see a few of those signs around and they are fading fast, literally, and need replaced again. What a waste!

If a new signage regulation is truly needed because a lot of people are dying and injured because of the present regulation, then by all means, change it. Set the new standard for signs in new places, or dangerous intersections, or as a recommendation for replacements.  If it ain't broke, why fix it?

Douglas Valley


Thank you

I would like to say a big thanks to the Oklahoma State football players and coaches.

Let me tell you why.

My son is in the United States Air Force and has  been for the past 17 years and at the present time is on his eighth deployment. He is serving because he wants to but that does not take away from the fact that he is away from his family and has been in harm’s way a lot of the time.

What does this have to do with Oklahoma State football? The coaches and players started a program to write to members of our military that are serving so we can have the freedom that we enjoy. One of our players wrote and said, “Thanks for serving so I can have the freedom to play football ... ”

I want to say thanks to Bo Bowling, Isaiah Anderson, Kevin Johnson, Adrian Richard and Anthony Hill. I know the young men are very busy with school and playing football. However, they took the time from their busy schedules to give some time to my son on a day that was not so good for him.

Thanks for caring about my son, Oklahoma State football.

Merlin and Lorene Phillips




A political card in my mailbox railed against "liberals." It also called for a return to "the supreme law of the land."

Aren't we repeating New Testament times? A "liberal" healed many people of physical and mental diseases and disfigurement.

Law-keepers conspired to destroy him. And they succeeded.

The strange thing today is that the law-keepers out to destroy "liberalism" also claim to believe in that New Testament liberal who healed.

Glen W. Bays


Good show

I wanted to comment on the fourth annual Downtown Car Show that was held on Saturday morning on Main Street. That was a fun event that I really hope continues yearly. It’s nice to have free events like that to take my sons to where they can see some rolling history.

Hope to see next year’s event!


Steven Bonds


Cheerful apology

I would sincerely like to apologize if our choice of music offended anyone. We strive to be positive leaders for Stillwater High School. I am delighted you enjoyed the performance and we will take your advice. Thank you for continuing to support Stillwater High School Athletics.



Carolyn Walstad

Stilwater High School Cheer Coach