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September 16, 2010

LETTERS: Sports spending, government and scams

STILLWATER, Okla. — Who should pay?

The editorial titled, “Is paying to play next budget move?” in the Sept. 7 NewsPress got my attention The basic premise is should athletes have to help defray the cost of their extracurricular activities? Simply answer: Yes. Now here is why.

Athletics is not an entitlement. It is a choice. We need to begin to think in terms of all people having talent and support all students. Other extracurricular activities have required fees associated with participation - FFA, 4-H, art, drama music all have fees that are required.

Let’s look at the costs incurred by those students who choose extracurricular band or orchestra. First the orchestra or band students - or their family - is expected to provide an instrument that may cost between $300 and $3,000, rental or purchase,  proper concert attire - special skirt or trousers, blouse or shirt, cummerbund and or tie, socks or hosiery shoes or for the band uniform cleaning fee of $25 to $50 yearly, transportation to each concert if not at their home school - they don’t always ride the bus like athletes. That typically causes the families of students who choose music over athletes to pay out between $200 and $1,000 per school year. While athletes pay nothing, they get their uniforms including cleaning, pads, shoes, helmets and transportation for free but the reality is all other students in the school carry the burden of the athletes’ costs by paying for their chosen extracurricular activity while student athletes get a free ride. Studies have shown that students in music are better at math and reading. The only thing associated with students in athletics is an attitude of entitlement and we’re athletes and can do no wrong or if we do have a problem the fact we are athletes will get the problem overlooked.

That all said, if the parents of the athletes want to organize a booster club to help all of the athletes defray the costs of participation by holding bake sales or car washes or sell candy or sponsor bingo events to help fund the athletes’ participation then they should.

Right now the other extracurricular activities are expected to do that. End the belief in entitlement of the athletic departments and the student athletes and let them work for the chance to participate in athletics.

We hear a lot of times about the athletes getting dropped charges or reduced sentences because they are athletes. That comes from their sense of entitlement, not from working to earn something they can be proud of.

Cynthia Stevenson



Watch it

The latest scam to show up is on your phone bill.

My August statement had a $29.90 charge from TRSCN CLRNG. This company somehow charges to your bill for services you do not authorize. By going to and asking who is TRSCN CLRNG I found out this company is notorious in doing this and charging for service you never authorized. There were loss comments on web for this company and others like it. I encourage anyone to check phone bills closely with these types of scams. Scammers will ask you a security question. Like a fool I gave them the answer.

David James




If Oklahoma would only vote for gambling, we would have so much money for education.

Well, we voted on gambling. Who knows how much money is allotted for education?

Some children were raised to believe their grades were their wages. A means you are presidents, CEOs, etc. B means you are vice presidents or assistants. C would mean you are medium wage workers. D and F you are dishwashers and street sweepers. Learning comes easy for some and others have to work harder. You can do anything you sincerely want to.

The government can raise federal checks and those in higher-paying positions (sic.) The government can support other countries by sending our people overseas to settle their problems and ignore the ones at home! How many men do allied countries send to other countries to settle their problems like we do? We should have no more men overseas than they do. When will the government in the White House learn we cannot manipulate others to be like the United States?

We can do away with some of our teachers, put more students in one room and still expect the same amount of education and attention to all students.

How many principals and secretaries have they eliminated? Are we going to wind up with a future generation of dishwashers and street sweepers?

President Obama, the white horse you were riding is not so white anymore.

Doris McGinn