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May 3, 2014

GREGG PICKENS: Sold! From The Auction 5-4-2014

Stillwater News Press

— Howdy friends and neighbors!

April flew by like the rest of the year has. Wow, Mom was right again. I remember her telling me years ago that the older we get the faster time flies.

It certainly does fly but beats the heck out of the alternative. We are in the heat of auction season and every day we are looking, booking and having an auction.

Last weekend was incredible and a testament as to how auctions can help people reach their goals. We had the pleasure of working for Jim Grimm, a 30-plus year resident of Stillwater and local business owner. Jim approached me in January to assist him reach his goal of liquidating a farm in Noble County, home and acreage in Stillwater plus his vast assortment of everything from ranch equipment, collector cars, recreation room items just to name a few.

Once his goals were identified, we set forth a marketing plan and went to work. The results were we able to liquidate his property in less than two days and he is where he wants to be – the lake with a smile on his face.

The auction method allowed him to put his property in front of a large audience, and we were able to exceed his goals substantially. Thanks, Jim

I am always glad to see so many of our auction customers and hear what’s new and going on in their lives. It’s good to catch up and we always reminisce about this and that and many times our old friend Mack comes up.

Mack has been gone two years, but we still miss him. Mack was a fixture at auctions for 70 years and he loved a practical joke. One of my favorites was he would hand someone something (a broom, plate or even a stick) and then just keep on working at his feverish pace. Well, whoever fell victim to this would hold the item for various lengths of time ranging from a few minutes to as long as an hour until finally they would ask him what they were supposed to do with it. He would look at them like they had lost their mind and say how the heck should I know you’re the one holding it. Then that sly grin would cross his face and you knew he’d got you.

Yes, I’m proud to say I was a victim (only a minute though) but I think C R holds the record for at least an hour before he caught on. We miss you Mack.

See you at the auction.

 Gregg Pickens is a lifetime resident of Stillwater and also a lifetime farmer/rancher and is sole owner of Pickens Auctions-Local Presence/Global Exposure. You may reach Pickens via email at or call 405-533-2600.