Stillwater News Press

November 18, 2013

County to re-evaluate health plan

By Nick Woodruff
Stillwater NewsPress

STILLWATER, Okla. — It's back to the drawing board for Payne County and its health insurance plan.

The action delays county employee enrollment in the plan, which was scheduled Tuesday and Wednesday.

District 2 County Commissioner Chris Reding said after digging into the health insurance plan a little deeper, there were some unanswered questions.

The Payne County Budget Board selected Community Care as its health insurance carrier. For some county employees, if the county accepts this plan some specialist will not be included on the insurance plan's list, Reding said.

"There are still some concerns about HMO's," Reding said. "They won't cover some of the specialists currently in use."

Reding said it's important the county re-evaluates the plan. He said he recommends the Budget Board have another discussion before workers get cut coverage and the county does something it regrets.

The commission tabled the contract pending re-evaluation by the Budget Board.

Reding said there is room for concern and what's the point of having insurance if some doctors aren't in the plan..

"We run into a point where we are providing insurance but when we go get the care we need we end up having to pay out of pocket," Reding said. "To me, that defeats the idea of insurance in the first place.”