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September 6, 2012

Stillwater firefighters rescue bird of prey impaled on church spire

STILLWATER, Okla. — Stillwater firefighters David Lucky and Brian Prater can’t say they have rescued many cats out of trees.

But they can say they’ve rescued a bird of prey from a church steeple.

Responders worked Thursday morning to free a young male osprey. The bird’s wing had become impaled on the spire above the cross atop Lost Creek Church’s steeple at 80th Street and Washington Street.

“You’d think there would be a sermon in here somewhere,” said Head Pastor Max Rudd.  

Rudd said he saw the bird at 9 a.m. and thought it was perched but soon realized it had become stuck.

Lucky and Prater were lifted nearly 95 feet on a fire truck ladder where Prater plucked the osprey from the spike and carried it to the ground.

The bird was calm, Prater said, as he and Lucky placed him in a cage.

“I think he knew we were there to help him,” Prater said.

Kinsey Winters  and Harley Coleman, aviary assistants at Grey Snow Eagle Rescue, where on hand to take the bird for inspection.

“I’ve never seen this happen,” Winters said.

She said ospreys are coastal birds that sometimes migrate through Oklahoma, thought it is rare to see one.

Her best guess is the bird got caught on the sharp spire while flying by or didn’t see it when trying to perch.

Coleman said after inspecting the osprey the bird appears to have no broken bones. He said the bird was placed on fluids and was stabilized but would be watched for the next 24 hours.


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