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May 24, 2011

UPDATED: Tornado destroys home in southwest Stillwater; damage reported east near Glencoe

Friends quick to respond with helping hands after storm slams Stillwater house

STILLWATER, Okla. — No one was injured when an apparent tornado destroyed a house at 5310 S. Western Road Tuesday evening.

The twister scattered tree limbs, shingles, glass and debris across several acres. The red centers of evergreen trees poked out where the trees snapped and fell.

Resident Robert Moore said he and three others went to a concrete safe room when insulation started falling from the ceiling.

“It tried to blow the doors in to the safe room,” he said.

Parts of the house’s outer walls collapsed.

Within an hour after the storm, about 150 people came, chainsaws in tow, to clear the wreckage. Others helped lay tarps on items in the house to protect them from water damage.

“That’s just what Stillwater does,” Moore said.

One piece of property that appeared to be untouched was a 1964 Thunderbird. A collapsed tree trunk missed the classic car by inches.

Payne County Sheriff’s Deputy Marvin Abbott said he was at his home off Western Road between 92nd Avenue and U.S. 177 when the tornado blew a few shingles off his house.

“We all had our heads sticking out of the cellar when it came through,” Abbott said.

No one was injured at his house.


Stephanie Rogers says apparently a tornado came through her yard Tuesday evening, tossing her dog kennel and horse water trough across the yard.

Rogers lives on Lakeview just west of Highway 108 between Stillwater and Glencoe. She said her house was not damaged.

"We drove down the road and it quickly became apparent where the tornado traveled," Rogers said in an email to the NewsPress. "Our neighbor had several large trees that were completely uprooted. Some other houses also had a lot of tree damage and a few had some roof and siding damage."


Marc Krein reported that the storm overturned a plane at the airport in Stillwater. There also were reports of damage at Countryside Art Studio near 44th and South Husband.

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