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July 12, 2012

NEW: Witnesses describe party where suspended Oklahoma State athlete Darrell Williams is accused of sexually assaulting two women

STILLWATER, Okla. — Three Oklahoma State University students and a former OSU student who attended a 2010 party where suspended OSU basketball player Darrell Williams is accused of sexually assaulting two women testified Thursday in Williams’ felony trial.

One woman, a former OSU student, testified Thursday afternoon at least four OSU basketball players held her down and sexually assaulted her in the basement despite her yelling, hitting and attempting to get away. She said she could not identify who they were.

Williams, 22, is accused of sexually assaulting two women at a house party in December 2010. Williams is on trial on four counts of rape by instrumentation and a count of sexual battery.

A police detective testified Thursday one of the women identified Williams in a photo of unnamed athletes as the person who stuck his hands down her pants and touched her genitals against her will.

One woman who testified Thursday said she went to the party with the two women who later accused Williams of assaulting them.

She testified that while in the basement with one of the victims, a group of four or more unidentified men in OSU basketball warm-up gear flirted with her and then the attention turned sexual.

She said they held her as they grabbed her hands and placed them on their bare genitals. She testified that they also fondled her and attempted to stick their hands down her pants. The woman said they did not stop despite her yelling for them to stop and hitting them as hard as she could.

The woman said the men found it amusing and laughed. She and the other woman ran away from the house as soon as they could get free, she said. She did not testify to seeing Williams sexually touch the victim nor did she accuse Williams of doing anything to her other than attempt to grab and kiss while saying, “It’s OK, I am a basketball player,” as she entered the basement.

She pointed to Williams in the courtroom and said he was in the basement during the party.

Defense attorney Cheryl Ramsey asked why the witness had not immediately sought out help from police or counselors. The woman testified she did not want her name to become public for fear of retaliation from basketball players. No threat or contact was ever made, she said.

Stillwater police Detective Jeff Watts testified earlier Thursday  he interviewed one of the victims and a witness about four days after the party.

After interviewing the victim, Watts said, he had her view a photo of the OSU basketball team without any names and she immediately pointed to Williams at the upper left corner of the photo.

During cross examination by Ramsey, Watts said he did not have the victim view individual photos of players’ faces out of uniform.

Click here for more testimony from Thursday morning's court session.


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