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July 25, 2012

Police captain reacts to defense attorney’s comments after trial

STILLWATER, Okla. — Stillwater police Captain Randy Dickerson is critical of comments defense attorney Cheryl Ramsey made after Oklahoma State athlete Darrell Williams was convicted of felony sex crimes.

Williams was convicted Monday of two counts of rape by instrumentation and one count of sexual battery stemming from a house party in December 2010. He was acquitted on two other counts of rape by instrumentation.

Ramsey said afterward she would consider appealing the verdict and was disappointed polygraph results were not shared with jurors.

Dickerson said Wednesday he found Ramsey’s characterization of the case “offensive” and that it all but alluded to the prosecution withholding or acting inappropriately in its handling of the case.

Dickerson referred to comments made Wednesday when Ramsey spoke with reporters at Payne County District Court. He contended Ramsey’s statements were misleading.

“If the jury had known that he passed (a polygraph) or if the jury had known all the things he has to do as a sex offender they might have made a different result,” Ramsey told reporters.

Dickerson noted that the defense paid for two polygraph tests and Williams was asked few questions by the examiner.

Ramsey said the defense had to pay for the tests if they wanted them done and while Williams was only asked two or three questions pertaining to the case over a four- to five-hour period, he was also asked many control questions to establish a baseline of response.

Ramsey said Wednesday she is not aware of any state that allows polygraph evidence but that the defense filed all the proper motions. She said the decision was ultimately District Judge Phillip Corley’s and she never made any comments about the prosecution not wanting evidence admitted. The judge did not allow the evidence to be viewed by the jury.

Dickerson also took offense to Ramsey’s statements about Williams’ sex offender registration. She said while the two recommended prison sentences were minimum, the registration and felony convictions would be devastating to all aspects of his future.

“What he did to these two young girls is going to affect every aspect of their future also,” Dickerson said. He said he found Ramsey’s comment blatantly insensitive.

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