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January 18, 2013

Increased use of technology in the classroom accelerates learning

STILLWATER, Okla. — Students lugging backpacks loaded with heavy textbooks soon may be a thing of the past.

Technology is revolutionizing education as more and more teachers are making use of digital online applications.

“Schools are beginning to move away from textbooks and more to a digital format,” said Dustin Hicks, a practical nursing instructor at Meridian Technology Center.

Hicks said the practical nursing faculty at Meridian has created videos demonstrating basic nursing skills. Those videos have been downloaded to iPads that are distributed to each student.

Students can check out an iPad, take it to the lab and watch a step-by-step video of the skill as they are doing it.

“If they are in a clinical setting at the hospital working with patients and it’s been a while since they did a skill, they have the video they can bring up, refresh on it real quick and go do it on the patient,” Hicks said.

The portability of the iPads is a benefit, Hicks said. Students are required to watch numerous instructional videos as part of their coursework.

“They can go to the coffee shop and watch these videos,” Hicks said. “It expands the classroom.”

Nursing student Cassie McLain said she lives in a rural area and cannot get online without a satellite dish. But she does have 3G service on the iPad and can access instructional videos.

“It’s been a tremendous help for me because otherwise, I’d have to travel somewhere to get Internet access,” McLain said.

Practical nursing instructor Charlotte Prewitt said some students are visual learners. She said one app has a feature that allows students to see a body system in three dimensions.

“You can’t look in a textbook and see the back side of the heart if the picture is of the front,” Prewitt said. “But with this app, I can turn and rotate the image.”

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