Stillwater News Press

January 20, 2013

Medical board to consider purchase of phone system

By John Filonow
Stillwater NewsPress

STILLWATER, Okla. — The Stillwater Medical Center Authority Board of Trustees will vote to approve the purchase of a WiFi-enabled phone system which is voice-activated for staff to communicate.

Shyla Eggers, director of public relations for the hospital, said the system, which is already being used, would allow nurses and other staff to communicate instantly.

The small voice-over phone is worn by the employee, Eggers said.

At the Stillwater Medical Center Finance Committee meeting, members approved spending $175,000 for the project’s total cost.

At the finance committee meeting, Alan Lovelace told members the hospital had purchased 75 of the devices from Vocera, the company which makes them, and bought licensing for 100 devices.

According to an information packet made available to the board, the hospital board would like to buy 140 additional devices. Eggers said the extra devices would be for support staff like pharmacy and imaging employees.

The devices work by pushing a button and saying a person’s name, or a position, according to the packet.

Eggers said the devices allow staff to communicate hands-free.

“They make things quicker,” she said.

The board will also vote to accept the Jan. 16 finance committee minutes.

According to the packet, the year-to-date income is $13.573 million, above the budget of $6.295 million, and above last year’s net income of $11.527 million.