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January 25, 2013

Taddy Porter to release new album in February

STILLWATER, Okla. — The best is yet to come, according to the lead singer of a rising Stillwater band.

Taddy Porter will release its sophomore album, “Stay Golden,” on Feb. 26. Frontman Andy Brewer said the new release will be the work of a more experienced group of musicians.

“When we first started writing our first album, we were younger, of course,” Brewer said. “We were still attending OSU at the time and so I was about 20 or 21 whenever we first started doing that, so I guess the difference now is that as we have been in the music business for a little while, we get a chance to observe the nature of that beast. And I guess what it is, getting older and whatnot, as we mature as individuals and musicians, we kind of just moved toward this type of music that was more so the style that we enjoyed listening to.”

The group draws its inspiration from groups like The Who, The Monkees, The Zombies, Stevie Wonder and more.

“Bands that have the really authentic Motown sound, and also we listen to Link Wray,” he said. “He kind of was like the first guy to start doing this, what we would consider, this surf rock.”

Alongside Brewer is lead guitarist Joe Selby, drummer Doug Jones and bassist Kevin Jones.

Brewer compares the group’s first recording to their latest.

“Being the singer of the band I find it comfortable for me with that more soulful approach,” he said. “On the first album, whenever we were in the studio, we were trying to get away from the soulful or bluesy (sound). Our producer was trying to get this more modern rock sound out of us. And that was cool. That was a great avenue. But, the second album, as we mature, we were looking for that soulful, but more prominent, hip take on this kind of soulful mix of rock and roll.”

Taddy Porter has already released its first single to radio, “Fever.”

“We picked Fever because it had that kind of groove,” Brewer said. “You hear it and you can kind of get into this kind of sway and that’s how we describe it to ourselves.”

Brewer said the album will also feature more vocals, including call and response.

“We really liked how our producers did that, how they kind of established that with us,” he said.

“Fever” is a clue as to how the new album will play out, Brewer said.

“We have songs that are a little bit heavier (and) have a little more fuzzier tone,” he said.

On the road, previewing the new material, Taddy Porter has seen success with reaching new and old listeners. Brewer said listeners appreciate and love the familiar favorites, but move along to the new songs.

Besides testing the new album on audiences, being on the road has also helped the group learn what works.

“We have learned what not to do,” Brewer said. “And that’s all trial and error and natural.”

The group hasn’t forgotten from where it came. Brewer said he visits Stillwater often and looks forward to playing here at least once a year.

“We got our start in Stillwater and when we mention where we come from we say Stillwater,” he said.

It was here that the group would meet at local bars and talk about forming the group or joining other bands.

“It’s really fun to play yearly and go back and see new faces,” he said. “We love Stillwater.”

The group will also play shows at Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa on March 1 and at the Wormy Dog Saloon in Oklahoma City on March 2.

Brewer said he and the group are ready to play more shows, see old faces and make relationships with new fans.

“The next thing for us is to pretty much build on that,” he said.

“I like to consider it a new band. I’d like to consider it our debut album, if I could be so bold.”

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