Stillwater News Press

May 13, 2014

Stillwater city councilors review city's spending list

By Michelle Charles
Stillwater News Press

STILLWATER, Okla. — Stillwater City Manager Dan Galloway fielded questions from city councilors about the proposed city budget for fiscal year 2015 during a budget study session Monday night.

This year’s budget is approximately $3 million higher than last year’s $107 million budget.

During his initial presentation a few weeks ago, Galloway said many costs have been reduced or are holding steady but the overall budget increased because of approved $13.8 million in capital outlays.

The city is catching up after a capital spending freeze that forced  many departments to nurse old equipment along or make do from 2009 until last year.

This year’s capital spending is spread throughout the city.

• General Fund: $6.9 million total

• Airport: $1.5 million including improvements to the control tower, upgraded security cameras, wildlife fencing and site        development for a hangar expansion

• Fire Department: $75,500 including an exhaust removal system and a generator for Station No. 1.

• Facilities Maintenance: $27,400 to replace carpet in the second floor of the Police Department

• Information Technology: $221,127 including system hardware and an HVAC system for the IT training room

• Parks and Recreation: $507,500 for a wading pool filter, playground improvements at Boomer Lake and rebuilding the tennis courts at Couch Park

• Transportation: $4 million for the pavement management program and traffic signal replacement

• Police: $452,236 for 10 new SUVs, police version, and a polygraph device

• Stillwater Utilities Authority: $4.4 million total

• Customer Service: $20,000 for a pickup

• Electric Distribution: $93,000 to replace a forklift and a trailer-mounted air compressor

• Fleet: $125,000 for fleet management software

• Waste Management: $125,000 to replace a pickup and another collection truck

• Water Utilities: $2 million water system equipment and repairs including meters, fire hydrants, new water lines and facilities repairs

• Waste Water: $1.9 million for sewer lines and treatment plant equipment

• Restricted Funds: $2.6 million

• Development Services: $150,00 from the stormwater fund for a stormwater system on South Black Oak Drive

• Fire: $500,000 from the rural fire fund for lease purchase of a triple combination engine paid at $108,00 per year for five years

• Transportation: $1.9 million from transportation fund for bridge maintenance, right of way acquisition, traffic signal management software and Perkins Road design work

• Rural Fire: $40,000 from rural fire fund for a one-ton, four-door cab 4x4 chassis

Items that weren’t approved, or were deferred, include a glass blowing furnace for Multi Arts, three vehicles for the electric department, a pickup for customer service, heating, ventilation and air conditioning units and ceiling tiles for the administration building, several studies and culvert replacement on less-traveled roads.