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August 25, 2012

Sexual-assault victim says she fears supporters of former OSU basketball player Darrell Williams

STILLWATER, Okla. — The two victims of convicted former Oklahoma State University men’s basketball player Darrell Williams wrote about how the sexual assault affected their lives and what they want to happen next.

The two women testified in July that Williams fondled them at a party in 2010. Williams was convicted on two counts of rape by instrumentation and one count of sexual battery. His sentencing has been continued to Sept. 14 and he remains in custody at Payne County jail.

According to the pre-sentence investigation documents, the first victim wrote she does not feel psychologically damaged from the assault but feels changed and impacted. She wrote that her social status on campus has changed as she feels her character has been called into question. She wrote that she feels intimidated by supporters of Williams and the basketball program.

“I walk with caution on campus, around Stillwater and at my job for fear of running into one of his supporters,” she stated in the document and added that his supporters do not want to accept the truth. She stated being called a liar has been hurtful.

“It was his fingers inside me. It was his arms that I struggled to pull off my body. It was his ears that heard my pleas and it was his eyes that met my tears. I know this. I believe Darrell knows this,” she wrote in her statement. The victim concluded that while she has chosen to forgive the athlete, she will never forget the pain he caused her.

She recommended he serve at least a year in jail, not be allowed to attend OSU, have a period of probation, receive counseling and undergo random drug testing.

The second victim wrote that having someone she admired and cheered for at basketball games assault and overpower her has changed her.

“I have lost confidence and a feeling of strength and security forever,” she wrote in the document. The victim stated that no one listened to her at the party when she said “no” and that the pain and fear of her assault will never leave her.

“My hope is through this, Darrell Williams will never have an opportunity to put another woman through this,” she stated in the document. At the end of the statement, the victim noted that Williams will never be able to admit his guilt and thinks that his actions where appropriate because it is normal for him.

According to the documents, the pre-sentencing investigation interviews with the victims were conducted Aug. 1.

Williams was also interviewed and in his statement reaffirmed that he did not assault anyone. His mother Alice was also interviewed. She stated, “He was convicted on hearsay and there was no substantial evidence. My son’s story will be heard and he will be victorious in the end.”


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