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March 22, 2013

Transcript of Stillwater Chamber of Commerce's City Council forum Friday


STILLWATER, Okla. — Pina: "I don't want to....ditto. That's my answer. A lot of what Joe has said is my answer, so I say ditto."

Noble: "Economic development, infrastructure, quality of life; they're always going to be issues. The C3 Plan that is the master plan that has not been approved yet, but it has some great goals in it. It also calls for making sure that it discourages dispersed development and I read that as dispersed development means keep us like this, but also we're going to have those land use issues. We need a plan in place that makes everybody on a level playing field. I think that's just always going to be an issue until we get a plan in place. Of course, always, respect of the character of our neighborhoods and quality neighborhoods for everybody, a variety of homes and quality of life issues. Economic development creates those and those create economic development. We always have to be mindful."


Pina: "When I sit on the dais and look out at the audience before me, I have to make a decision and in the process of making a decision, a lot of you, or most of you in this room know that I'm a Rotarian. You see my pin right here. And most Rotarians know that there's a four way test and I'm just going to tell you two of the four way tests that I use to help make my decisions. The first is, is it the truth? When you come before me and you start talking about housing or talking about water issues or whatever it is, are you talking the truth and if it is the truth, then it's easy for me to make a decision. The second tenant of the four way test is will it be beneficial to all people concerned? If I make a decision, I have to look at that and say will it be beneficial to all concerned? It's not just this neighborhood or that commercial district or this or that. Is it beneficial to Stillwater? Will it give Stillwater what it needs? Will it be planned and programmed so that everybody can take advantage of it? If we look at, for example, the dog park that we put in very recently. It answers those two questions. Truth - everyone loves dogs, everyone needs a place to walk the dog; who doesn't have a place to walk the dog? Is it beneficial to all concerned? Go to the dog park and look around and you'll see that it's very beneficial. When you look at how we're going to address the water issues on the West side, there's some issues out there, but when it's over with and we're finished with what we're supposed to do, will it be beneficial to all those people concerned? I think the answer is yes. So it's very easy to make those decisions if I use the four way test. If I look at the issue and ask the question, 'Is it the truth? Yes. Will it benefit everybody? Yes. So, as huge as an issue that we have in Stillwater in terms of infrastructure, quality of life, economic development and all the other myriad of problems that we may have or things that we're going to do, I can take solace in the fact that at least I have something I can bank on to make those decisions. And I'm very grateful for the idea that I'm a Rotarian because it not only helps me out internationally, it helps me out locally and I hope it helps me out statewide. I can begin to feel good about myself using this plan of the four way test. I can raise my children using that four way test. Is it truthful? Are you being truthful to me, son? Is it beneficial to my household? So, when I look at those kinds of things and I see the things that are coming at me, I just don't want to answer it because I think it's the best answer. I have to use this litanies test and this litanies test works. And I'm very proud of the fact that I'm a Rotarian and I use that as my yardstick."

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