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March 22, 2013

Transcript of Stillwater Chamber of Commerce's City Council forum Friday


STILLWATER, Okla. — Noble: "Yes, I can make a fair decision. I can make a fair decision and I can make it based on public opinion. I'm going to be accessible. If you email me, I'm going to email you back and probably within the same day. Probably within a few hours because that's how I run my life. I'm going to listen to you. I'm going to listen to everybody. There's always two sides to an issue; always. You can't be fair minded if you don't look at both sides of the issue. I'm balanced, but I have always lived my life and the way I conduct myself and my job. I value fairness above all else, always. I put it in my syllabus. I value fairness. I can make the important decisions. I can make them with independent thought after I've researched and I can also stand by my decisions."

"It appears as though the community is seeing strong growth in the retail and energy sectors. What other type of growth would you like to see in the industry segments?"

Noble: "Any industry that brings lots of jobs that are living wage jobs with benefits. Those are good industries. I don't think I have to pick and choose. Yes, we're growing in retail. We're growing in shopping, unique shopping that complements what we already have. If we want to be a destination, we have to have those things. I would love to see more entertainment. I want to see recreation. Those are quality of life but they're also important. They bring tax dollars. I would like to see a variety of housing. I would like to, dining, housing, recreation, cultural events...anything that adds purpose and quality of life and anything that brings tax dollars."

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