Stillwater News Press

May 2, 2014

MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN THE COMMUNITY: Hospice volunteer serves people in need

By Justin Tate
Stillwater NewsPress

STILLWATER, Okla. — NAME: Pat Driskel

AGE: 75

VOLUNTEERS: Judith Karman Hospice

DAY JOB: Retired

What she does

Driskel volunteers her time at JKH for four or five hours on Wednesdays. She helps run the cash register at the thrift store.

“I do cash register and anything there is to do – put out papers, put out sacks, wait on people,” Driskel said.

Driskel said she also cleans the store, greets people as they come in and helps people with their goods. Driskel has volunteered her time at JKH for  six years, and said the time has been well spent.

Why it’s important

Driskel said she helps JKH because of the impact JKH has in people’s lives.

“It’s such a great organization,” Driskel said. “They helped my sister-in-law who had cancer. My husband died of cancer 24 years ago. I did not use hospice at the time, but they help so many people. And you see it.”

Driskel said she wants to give back to JKH so the organization can continue to help others. In that way, Driskel said she helps more than she could reach alone.

“I feel like (Judith Karman Hospice) is giving back to the community,” Driskel said.

How you can help

“We always need help here,” Driskel said. “Volunteers are always needed.”

Driskel said she helps because she feels a need to give back to others.

“I feel like it’s a way of helping those that can’t,” Driskel said. “So many can’t work and can’t volunteer.”

Driskel said JKH needs volunteers for more positions than just running cash register.

“They can help in many ways,” Driskel said. “Some will work in the kitchen, toys, shoes ...”

If you are interested in volunteering at Judith Karman Hospice, stop by the office at 915 S. Main St. and fill out an application.