Stillwater News Press

December 30, 2012

Officials say New Year’s Eve revelers need to plan ahead

By Chase Rheam
Stillwater NewsPress

STILLWATER, Okla. — As residents approach the celebration of a new year, local and state authorities as well as the American Automobile Association have tips to stay safe.

AAA reminds partygoers to plan ahead in multiple ways such as appointing a designated driver or developing a plan for a taxi or taking part in programs such as AAA’s Tipsy Tow Service.

Tipsy Tow will offer you and your guest a ride home, as well as towing your vehicle within a 15-mile radius from the point of pick up.

A press release from AAA advises those who are around family and friends to not hesitate taking vehicle keys away from those impaired by alcohol.

Payne County Undersheriff Gary McKinnis said there isn’t as much of an increase in drunk driving locally as you would think. However, he said he will advise deputies to keep a close eye on suspected drunk drivers. Stillwater Police Capt. Randy Dickerson said the number of drunk driving stops and incidents is hard to assess.

“Stillwater is unique to many communities in that the New Year’s holiday occurs at a time when approximately 20,000 of our normal population is out of town due to the break in OSU classes,” Dickerson said.