Stillwater News Press

July 4, 2013

New trustee to join county Ambulance Trust Authority

By Nick Woodruff
Stillwater NewsPress

OKLAHOMA CITY — The next time the Western Payne County Ambulance Trust Authority meets, it will have a new trustee.

Harland Wells of Perkins was appointed a trustee of the authority Monday at the Payne County Commissioners meeting. Wells will replace Bill Sasser, whose resignation went into effect Monday.

The incoming 73-year-old authority member has been in the real estate business for years, he said. Wells said he and other residents of Perkins understand that all roads lead to Stillwater. He said he believes Perkins and Stillwater are intertwined and is excited to be part of an authority that delivers an excellent ambulance service.

“The think the ambulance authority is a wonderful thing,” Wells said. “I’m glad and excited I get to assist with that.”

Sasser also was from the Perkins area and he was the one who called Wells and asked him to serve. Wells said he had a deep respect for Sasser and Wells told him he would love and be excited to serve.

Since Sasser is from Perkins, Wells said it is fitting that he is also from that area. He lives on a farm a mile and a half east of downtown Perkins. Having representation in all parts of the community is a smart decision.

He said everyone has a right to good ambulance service.

“I think it is wise to have representatives from the entire community,” Wells said. “In Perkins, we need ambulance care just like the citizens of Stillwater.”

Not only has Wells been active around the Perkins area but he also has had involvment in Stillwater, too.

Wells served on the Stillwater and Perkins chambers of commerce and was past president of the Stillwater Home Builder Association.

Wells said he has served and been active in areas that have affected all of Payne County. He said being part of the authority is another way he can serve his community.

“I’m excited we can have good ambulance service that can save people’s lives,” Wells said. “We need an ambulance that can be available to take people to the hospital. I want to get in and learn more about the authority and keep it valuable. I think it’s an important part of our community.”