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July 15, 2014

Merchants prepare for bargain hunters as Krazy Dayz come to Stillwater

STILLWATER, Okla. — It’s already hard enough for college towns to survive economically in the summer months while a majority of college students are away.

But over the years, Krazy Dayz has helped boost sales at Stillwater businesses..

The event will make its return on Thursday and continue through Sunday. Merchants across the city will participate.

Terry Monroe has owned Murphy’s Department Store, a retail store located on Main Street, since 1981. The citywide sale has been around for as long as he can remember.

“I don’t know of any specific date; I would say it’s been going since at least the ’60s, maybe longer,” Monroe said. “(Business) is far busier than normal during those particular three days.”

Krazy Dayz has seen businesses put various discounted items on the sidewalk over the years for shoppers to browse easier. Murphy’s has been a part of it as well, but that has changed recently.

“We used to put everything outside; we don’t do that much anymore,” Monroe said. “Pretty much the whole thing is inside for us. Part of it is we have a lot of china, crystal and so forth that doesn’t go out very easily, or stuff that might melt like candles.

“So the weather for us doesn’t make much of a difference for us anymore; it used to when we had everything outside.”

It certainly makes a difference for Amy Pitchford, who started Stillwater Antique and Collectible Mall in 2007 with Linda Evans.

“We have like 65 different dealers who rent space from us,” Pitchford said. “So if we have the time and we know it’s not going to be too hot out, we’ll go find several inexpensive little items we can put out on the sidewalk and not worry about being dropped or broken.

“Sometimes we know ahead if the weather’s going to be a little hot, we won’t put anything on the sidewalk. It always depends. If we don’t put things on the sidewalk, some of our dealers are crafters and will put some of their art and crafts items out there. It just varies.”

Some businesses, like Murphy’s and The Antique Mall, have been involved with Krazy Dayz for years. Pitchford said The Antique Mall has participated since it opened seven years ago.

For Murphy’s, it’s a good way to make up for losses. Monroe said they start marking things down early, and people realize that because we don’t have enough time to do it all in that last day or so. It takes care of buying mistakes; things bought that didn’t sell as well, things that might be discontinued, things that Murphy’s doesn’t want to go forward with.

Monroe said they try to price everything from 40 to 80 or 90 percent off. Some things are easier to move than others, so the retailer tries to close out stuff that has accumulated over the last several months.

It’s an even better way for new businesses in town to reach out to the community and establish a reputation. That’s what Melissa Marcom of Whisper Intimate Apparel, 905 S. Main St., hopes will happen.

“This is actually our sixth month to be open, so we’re very new. This will be our first year participating,” Marcom said.

The apparel retailer is Stillwater’s first and only specialty lingerie store, according to its website. It specializes in bra-fittings and customer service. That will be a large part of Whisper’s sale during Krazy Dayz.

“We’ve got a lot of bra styles that we’re going to be marking down 50 percent off and lots of sleepwear and all kinds of stuff,” Marcom said. “So I’m excited to see how it goes over.

“I know it’s a good time for us to move merchandise, but more importantly I’m excited to get more people in here. Since we’re only six months old, I know there are going to be a lot of people out shopping who will see us.”

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