Stillwater News Press

December 6, 2012

Oklahoma State organization puts faith into action

By Chase Rheam
Stillwater NewsPress

STILLWATER, Okla. — A group of Oklahoma State University students are taking the word of God and serving the community.

Daniel Killian is the campus minister for Reformed University Fellowship.

“Our stated explicit purpose is to reach students in Christ and equip them to serve,” he said.

The group aims to meet its goals through fellowship, training, teaching and volunteering.

“The goal and the idea of Christianity is that it touches your life where you are and equips you where you are,” he said.

The group has served in New Orleans with other organizations to bring relief to residents.

“We’ve been to New Orleans and there’s still much, much hurricane cleanup and restoration,” Killian said.

Back home, students visit assisted living centers and recently visited Tulsa to assist a church in cleaning up its property.

“We basically, as a ministry, want to be there and show that we are part of the university and part of the community,” he said.

The group works mostly with Grace Stillwater, but Killian said he hopes to work with other churches and assist in their volunteer opportunities.

Killian said there are 70 to 100 members in R.U.F. The students come from many denominations and the group encourages them to participate in their own church’s opportunities, as well.

“We don’t see ourselves as separate because we don’t see the Gospel as separate,” Killian said. “It’s not that people don’t do different things and that people don’t have different ideas and beliefs ... the Idea is that the whole of life is connected in Christ.”

The group has meetings at Murray Hall on the OSU campus at 9 p.m. Wednesdays. For more information, visit and click “RUF” under “Connect and Grow.”