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January 14, 2014

QUICK 5: Pavement projects address Stillwater's needs

STILLWATER, Okla. — Stillwater Transportation Manager Jason Peak is directing several pavement projects in the city.

1 What is the pavement management plan?

The plan is a list of streets for annual pavement maintenance work identified through the Pavement Management Program.

This is the first year the city of Stillwater has used this process for pavement management. Streets are selected based on several factors, including the street’s condition, available budget, coordination with other infrastructure projects and proximity to other pavement repair work.

2 Where does the funding for the PMP come from?

Funding for the FY14 Plan is provided through the city of Stillwater general fund.

The transportation department is funded through general fund, the one-half cent transportation sales tax and transportation fees for new development.

3 What is/are the major projects within the plan?

This year includes work on approximately 79 lane miles of pavement, including four primary strategies: Preventative maintenance, rehabilitation, reconstruction and deferred maintenance.

4 Can you define the term lane miles?

 A lane mile is the unit of measure used by the pavement management program to describe the total area of pavement within the city. One mile of two-lane roadway would equal two lane miles.

5 How will this help Stillwater’s infrastructure?

The pavement management program is a decision-making tool used to best invest limited capital for street maintenance and preservation. Previously, the pavement maintenance process used was to only perform work on the worst streets in town. The PMP will improve the overall condition of our streets.

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