Stillwater News Press

February 19, 2014

Research Week speaker sees new direction for aviation

By Justin Tate
Stillwater News Press

STILLWATER, Okla. — Melchor Antunano, director of the Federal Aviation Administration Civil Aerospace Medical Institute, visited Oklahoma State University on Tuesday to discuss technological developments in aircraft.

Antunano said he wanted to share with students the different disciplines that need to work together.

“Essentially, I wanted to create an incentive and provide a wider point of view on different issues and different areas that may not be that well known,” Antunano said.

Antunano addressed many different areas of aircraft, including issues in unmanned aerial vehicles, the next generation of blimps, orbital space vehicles and other technological developments.

“I also talked a little bit about the safety aspects of the different types of vehicles — some of the medical aspects, what happens to people on some of those flights based on physiological responses, and some of the medical issues as well,” Antunano said.

Antunano wanted the engineering programs at OSU, both aerospace and biomedical, to realize they must work together for progress.

“Issues that may not be necessarily from one discipline only, but multidisciplinary issues that we all have to work together to address,” he said.

Jamey Jacob, professor of aerospace engineering at OSU, said he liked the presentation.

 “I would have liked him to go on for a couple more hours talking about all that stuff,” Jacob said.

Antunano’s presentation increased interest in aircraft.

“It shows all the different facets of aviation,” Jacob said.