Stillwater News Press

June 18, 2013


Lake Carl Blackwell to auction lease sites on June 29

By Merrick Eagleton
Stillwater NewsPress

STILLWATER, Okla. — Lake Carl Blackwell offers area residents a variety of activities, including hunting.

Hunting leases on two sites at the lake will be auctioned at 9 a.m. June 29 at the Lake Carl Blackwell office. Lake Carl Blackwell’s hunting lease auction is entering its fourth year, said park manager Brian Brinker, who  will conduct the auction.

Each lease begins July 1 and lasts a year. They are renewable for four additional one-year terms.

“At that point in time we want to give the public a chance to re-auction,” Brinker said.

The first lease is in the Forestry Unit and is located 2 miles south of State Highway 51 on Cottonwood Road. The second is the McCoy Station Unit, which is 3 miles south of 51 on Hackelman Road. Each lease covers 160 acres. There is no set starting price.

“I’ve got to see what I can get for an opening bid,” Brinker said.

The fees for the first year will be determined at the auction and are payable the day of the auction. Renewal fees are due before June 30 and correspond with the percentage increase of the consumer price index.

These leases may be used during all hunting seasons.

“As long as it’s in season and they abide by all Oklahoma hunting rules we’ll let them hunt whatever is in season,” Brinker said.

Four hunters will be the maximum allowed to hunt on each lease. Hunters may bring guests but they have to accompany them at all times.

Brinker said they expect between 30 and 40 bidders at the auction.  

 “These things are popular because there aren’t a lot of people that’ll let you hunt on their land anymore,” Brinker said.

Lake Carl Blackwell is self-funded. The money from the hunting lease auction goes in to the annual budget to help with the lake.