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July 2, 2013

Test causes water pressure drop in southwest Stillwater

By NewsPress Staff
Stillwater NewsPress

STILLWATER, Okla. — Some residents in southwest Stillwater neighborhoods may have experienced low water pressure Tuesday morning as the city’s Water Utilities Department conducted flow tests near West Sixth Avenue and Country Club Road.

Water pressure was restored by noon Tuesday.

The test involved a new waterline connection, Project Manager Eric Fladie said. The pressure dropped when four fire hydrants were opened for the test.

“While not unexpected, we should have done a better job letting our customers know that there was a possibility of low water pressure,” Fladie said.

“We apologize for the oversight and will do a better job of communicating information during the upcoming upgrades for Stillwater’s southwest water zone.”

The new connection will allow more water to move from the booster pump station, located at West Sixth Avenue and Country Club Road, to the water tower at 19th Avenue and Range Road, which serves southwest Stillwater. The connection is part of a three-year project to improve water flow and pressure for neighborhoods in southwest Stillwater.

In the future, customers will be notified on any planned activity that may affect water service, Fladie said.

Water Utilities looked at options to improve communications with customers when it came to planned and unplanned water system maintenance and repair that resulted in low pressure and water outages.

“Since last March, we have been posting all water outages that related to a water system repair on Twitter @SUAWater; however, because today’s testing was for a system improvement project, it fell through the cracks and we failed to notify customers in advance,” city spokeswoman Sherry Fletcher said.

Twitter has been particularly effective in informing customers of emergency waterline leaks and unplanned shutoffs. “Water utility crews can’t always go door-to-door to inform residents of water outages because they are working to fix the problem, so Twitter is a good way for you to find information about leaks and repairs when you need it,” she added.

If customers don’t have a Twitter account, the information is also posted on the city’s website under the “Connect” tab.

Customers may also contact Water Utilities directly at 405-533-8048. Summer office hours are from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. Emergency after hour calls may be directed to 405-372-3292.