Stillwater News Press

December 26, 2013

Perkins Police monitor dangerous road with new radar

By Megan Sando
Stillwater NewsPress

STILLWATER, Okla. — Thousands of cars travel on Highway 33 and 177 near Perkins, and now the Perkins Police Department has a way of tracking speeds on those roads.

Police Chief Bob Ernst said traffic crashes have nearly doubled in the last two years in Perkins.

“I am excited to announce that the Perkins PD has received a grant from the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office to purchase a Speed Awareness Monitor Trailer,” he said.

The trailer was purchased from Stalker Radar at no cost to the community.

There is an SD memory card inside of the trailer that records a driver’s speed. The data collection is recorded using statistics on the traffic flow near it.

Drivers will know they are speeding when a red and blue LED light flashes.

“One of the biggest factors in traffic crashes is speed,” Ernst said.

Highway 177 from Perkins in Stillwater is the start of an OHP Safety Corridor.

It is also one of the deadliest stretches of roads in the state. The Oklahoma Department of Transportation ranks it No. 5 in the state for alcohol-related crashes.

The OHP’s goal is to increase patrol and awareness in these areas to reduce accidents.

Any effort for local communities to make a difference is needed.

“If we can get motorists to reduce their speed to the posted maximums, we will reduce the number of traffic crashes that occur,” Ernst said. “That is our goal.”

Ernst said each day there are approximately 10,000 drivers on Highway 33.

The trailer will be used at multiple locations in Perkins. The data taken from it is analyzed, and at some point, a patrol officer will sit where the trailer once was.

“If any citizens are interested in getting on a list to have this trailer placed in their neighborhood, I would encourage them to contact me at the police department,” he said.

The number is 405-547-2855.