Stillwater News Press

February 20, 2013

County commissioners OK auger deal

By Chris Day
Stillwater NewsPress

STILLWATER, Okla. — Payne County Commissioner Zach Cavett can use a hydraulic-powered auger from Stephens County to complete a bridge on Texaco Road, east of State Highway 18.

The auger will be used to dig holes for the bridge piers, Cavett said. The county had contracted with a company to dig the holes, but the company has been too busy elsewhere to get to the county job, which has been delayed three weeks.

Payne County commissioners unanimously approved a local agreement, pending contract approval by county attorney Lowell Barto, between the two counties which allows Payne County to use the auger for two months.

The auger can drill holes to a 20-foot depth, Cavett said.

“This will allow us to finish the bridge project and see if we like an auger enough to buy one,” Cavett said.

The agreement can be extended with the approval of Payne and Stephens County officials. It requires Payne County to return the auger in good condition, Cavett said.