Stillwater News Press

March 19, 2013

Stillwater residents charged with kidnapping granddaughter

By Russell Hixson
Stillwater NewsPress

STILLWATER, Okla. — Two grandparents have been charged with kidnapping their daughter’s baby.

Angela Kay Houston, 44, of Agra and Daniel Paul Houston, 49, of Perkins were arrested after the baby’s mother told police the baby was staying with the grandparents for the weekend but they refused to give the child back.

Tuesday, they were in jail on $5,000 bail,  Both pleaded not guilty.

The mother contacted police March 16, claiming her father and step-mother had taken her baby March 2 and would not return her.

After their weekend visit with the child, they refused to give the baby back and said they were taking the child to Texas, the mother told police.

Deputies contacted the grandparents and advised them to bring the baby back to the mother, but the grandparents refused. They said they were going to take the baby to its biological father.

The mother told police she intended to press charges. Officers told her it was unusual to be so adamant about prosecuting the grandparents of a child.

Officers again tried to convince the grandparents over the phone to return the child but were refused. The grandparents told police the situation involved drugs and that they were taking the baby into protective custody.

Daniel Houston said he was working with Department of Human Services in Oklahoma City and the baby was OK and with her biological father.