Stillwater News Press

May 16, 2013

Life safety inspections part of summer duty list for Stillwater schools

By Mark Rountree
Stillwater NewsPress

STILLWATER, Okla. — School maintenance crews and safety officials will be canvassing the Stillwater district this summer to ensure safety this fall.

Life safety inspections will be conducted in June and July in every room in the district.

“We will tour every room, every closet, looking for life safety issues,” said John Anders, facilities director for the district.

Anders will be joined by fire department officials on inspections on the two-month tour, looking for issues such as improper use of storage, improper use of extension cords and blocked exits.

The inspection will include testing fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems and fire alarms, as well as inspection of boiler and pressure vessels throughout the district.

“The focus is on safety,” Anders said, “and not only from an intruder standpoint but from a safety standpoint.”

Anders made a presentation of his department’s plans for summer maintenance and repair to the Stillwater Board of Education Tuesday.

Nine building maintenance employees and seven grounds maintenance employees will begin working on schools as soon as school ends May 23.

Anders presented a long list of work orders planned for each school in the district, including:

• Stillwater Junior High — painting the parking lot, replacing parking lot signs, adding a window in the main office door, replacing carpet in three classrooms and refinishing the gym floor.

• Skyline Elementary School — repairing door hardware and installing keyed locks.

• Richmond Elementary School — constructing a security vestibule at the early childhood center, adding hardware to interior gym doors and at the southwest exit, replacing the blacktop on the east playground, installing carpet in three rooms and painting the parking lot.

• Westwood Elementary School — replacing the carpet in three room, repairing the carpet in two other rooms and repairing drywall in various places in the building.

• Stillwater Middle School — replacing the carpet in three rooms, constructing a permanent wall between rooms 123 and 125 and upgrading the lighting in the gym.

• Sangre Ridge Elementary School — replacing carpet in the principal’s office and teacher’s work room, adding a camera at the front entry and constructing, in conjunction with the PTA, a pavilion on the north playground.

• Stillwater High School — adding electric door hardware at the north entry, adding intercom speakers in the area near the stadium, painting the parking lot and adding signage and refinishing the gym floors.

• Lincoln Academy — adding electric door hardware at the front entry.

New woodchips will be installed at each of the playgrounds at the elementary schools.

New schools are being built from Will Rogers Elementary School and Highland Park Elementary School, but inspections and small repairs will be made on the existing buildings as well.

Anders said the new Will Rogers building will not be ready for students for at least two weeks after school begins, so crews will be maintaining the present building.

The existing Will Rogers will be demolished, possibly as soon as the fall, Anders said.

Construction of the new Highland Park school is expected to be completed by the start of school and the existing school will remain vacant until a decision is made on how to repurpose it.

Anders said the old Highland Park building and grounds still will require minimal maintenance for safety reasons.