Stillwater News Press

April 10, 2013

Stillwater Chamber woos eight industries

By Chris Day
Stillwater NewsPress

STILLWATER, Okla. — The Stillwater Chamber of Commerce is working with eight companies to provide sites in Stillwater, Economic Development Director Eric Miller said.

Some of the companies are seeking existing buildings, while others are  looking for property on which to build, Miller told the Stillwater Economic Development Authority earlier this week.

Stillwater doesn’t have many existing buildings for prospects, but building sites are plentiful, Miller said.

“Many of the build-to-suit opportunities are really a godsend to us,” he said.

Authority Trustee Joe Weaver Jr. asked the number and types of existing buildings the city requires.

“What would be the kind of inventory that would be strategic for us to have available to market Stillwater?” Weaver said.

Stillwater lacks development-ready sites — graded with infrastructure at the site, Miller said. The city also doesn’t have enough existing buildings. It’s a problem across the state and nation.

Miller described the eight prospects by project name instead of company names.

They are:

Project Upstream: This prospect is an energy-related manufacturing-distribution company. Officials have focused on an existing building in Stillwater. It would employ 30 people when it is fully operational in three to five years. The average salary would be approximately $85,000 annually. The state of Oklahoma has generated an incentive proposal for the company to consider. “I am also awaiting additional information from the company as to other outstanding issues related to making a decision to locate here in Stillwater so that I can then determine what local, state and federal resources we can bring to bear to resolve those issues, if we can,” Miller said.

Project XOA: A health-care industry company is looking at Stillwater for its corporate headquarters, production and distribution facility. It represents up to 95 jobs at an average wage of $73,000. The Oklahoma Department of Commerce recommended Stillwater to this prospect. The Stillwater Chamber of Commerce submitted existing buildings and build-to-suit options to the prospect.

Project Green Valve: A valve-manufacturing company is considering Stillwater. It will employ approximately 120 people with an average wage of $44,000 a year. The company is seeking property. It will build a $6 million manufacturing facility on-site.

Project Chill: A California-based food-manufacturing firm is considering a move to the Stillwater area. It is looking for property and would build a 70,000 square-foot building on site. It employs more than 150 people.

Project License: A service facility in Stillwater is seeking space in the city to maintain its operations here. Some properties have been identified.

Project Daniel: A services company seeks space in Stillwater. Officials will be visiting this week to look at property.

Project Roadster: A manufacturing and services-related company sees Stillwater as a prospect for offices. Company officials have visited Stillwater and narrowed the property list to two. Senior executives are expected to visit in the next 30 days.

Project Snow: A Fortune 100 health-care related company wants to consolidate its human resources and benefits services in a central area in one or two buildings.

Miller said he has resumed visits to existing industries to determine how the Chamber can improve relationships.

He has visited two industries — one was expanding.

The $10-million expansion involves equipment, but doesn’t create jobs.

Miller worked with the state to develop an incentive package to help the company.