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September 7, 2012

Oklahoma State faculty’s artwork to be on display

STILLWATER, Okla. — Students and community members will be able to view the work of current and former Oklahoma State University Art Department faculty and staff in an upcoming exhibition.

The annual “Department of Art Faculty Exhibition” will be on display from Sept. 24 through Oct. 11 at the OSU Gardiner Gallery.

Gallery Director and Associate Curator Shawn Yuan discussed the show.

“The strength of this event is that this exhibition will provide an important opportunity for the students, as well as for the community members, to see what the faculty members have been doing the past year,” Yuan said.

“People will learn about our faculty’s work including drawings, paintings, sculptures, digital design, metalwork, all together in one exhibition and learn about their skills, talents and passion.”

OSU art professor Chris Ramsay, whose work will be on display, agreed.

“It’s an opportunity for the students to learn what their professors do besides teaching in the classroom and helps them to hopefully better understand where we’re coming from as we make comments about their work and help them grow,” Ramsay said.

The work is being produced by 20 to 25 full-time, adjunct and retired faculty and staff of the department in a wide array of media, he said.

Ramsay said the faculty has a variety of different approaches and views which will give students many points to think about.

“Quite a lot of our faculty members on the tenure track are pretty well established professional artists in the field like Angie Piehl who just had a very major exhibition down in Houston,” he said.

Food and beverages will be served during the free exhibition.

An opening reception will be held at 5 p.m Sept. 27.

“During the reception we are going to have a one hour gallery talk (at 6 p.m.) and before that we’re encouraging students to drop off their questions so the faculty members will answer the questions during the talk,” he said.

Ramsay said he enjoys speaking about his work with the public and that it’s important.

“I think that’s important if people have an interest in learning,” Ramsay said.

“It may be about process, it may be about materials and it may be about concepts.

“It’s a great opportunity to ask those questions and as a maker, for me, I’m also a teacher.

“I think this is kind of a continuation of that as an opportunity to share what I do as a craft and as a practice with others that might be interested in it.”

In addition to the gallery exhibition, the OSU Department of Art’s art history faculty will take part in eight roundtable discussions beginning Sept. 27 from noon to 1 p.m.

There will be one roundtable discussion per week.

“I think is a great education opportunity for our community friends as well because they are going to learn a wide range of different topics in arts history from Islamic art, Asian Art to American Art.

“And our faculty members will speak about their recent research projects as well as their publications as well,” Yuan said.

Each talk, being held at 108 Bartlett Center, is one hour with 40 to 45 minutes dedicated to the speaker and the rest of the time will be used for a question-and-answer session with those who attend the event.

“The gallery tries very hard to bring visual arts as well as art history to the general public, especially those underserved,” Yuan said.

“Because we have received funding from the State Arts Council, so we are committed to expand our programming beyond the campus and outreach to the community.”

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