Stillwater News Press

November 15, 2013

No charges filed yet in Operation Dragon Slayer

By Megan Sando
Stillwater NewsPress

STILLWATER, Okla. — Charges have yet to be filed on 26 people arrested in Stillwater Police Department’s two-day Operation Dragon Slayer prostitution sting last Nov. 6-7.

Ages in the sting ranged from as young as 19 to 66 years old.

Those arrested were clients seeking sex, prostitutes and those who aided in the prostitute’s transport and transaction, according to police.

Five of the people arrested live in Stillwater.

Assistant District Attorney Tyson Branyan said there are two reasons charges haven’t been filed yet — the number of people arrested and some of the details of each case.  

“We are awaiting all reports,” District Attorney Tom Lee said.

Branyan also said arrests were quick, letting the majority of the arrested go on bail the same day.

“We’re running our normal course,” Branyan said.

For prosecutors, it is a matter of how long it takes to process the charges for all 26 people.

“We expect that they will return this week or next to be arraigned,” he said.