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February 27, 2014

Q5: Campaign financing addressed

STILLWATER, Okla. — Deanna Homer is the organizer of a Campaign Finance Reform group in Stillwater.

1 What is the Campaign Finance Reform group?

It’s opposed to big money in politics. It’s really based on the Citizens United decision — the Supreme Court decision that allows corporations to pay all this money to candidates and parties during elections.

2 Why is the finance reform group organizing?

There is a countrywide movement right now. It’s based on the Supreme Court decision coming up now, McCutcheon versus the Federal Election Commission.

3 What does the group hope to accomplish?

We want to bring to everyone’s attention to this case and what will happen. If this case is ruled in favor of McCutcheon, that means wealthy people will be able to give up to $3 million during an election cycle. Right now they can give up to like $123,000 during an election cycle, and we think that is more than enough for one individual to be able to give. We feel that individual voters like ourselves don’t have any say because wealthy people pay to get their voices heard.


4 Will the group focus on state or federal campaign finance reform?

It’s going to be everything. It starts out as federal, but we would like to begin through the state. We would like the state to make a resolution or something — we’re not sure what. There have been states across the country that have made resolutions like this. We would like to get our state to do that.

5 How can someone join the finance reform group?

Just come to the meeting. The meeting is Saturday at 2 p.m. in the library. Or they can call 377-0918 and leave a message, and I will get back with them.


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