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February 28, 2014

Q5: Stillwater Medical Center driven by mission statement

STILLWATER, Okla. — Jerry Moeller is the president and CEO of the Stillwater Medical Center. Moeller took both positions in November 1994 and has since led Stillwater Medical Center to prosperity.

1 How has the transition been to the Stillwater Medical Center?

It’s gone very well. We think it makes improvements every day. I think people are happy, and I think we are serving our patients better than ever.

2 How would you define robotic surgery?

The robotic surgery actually involves a surgeon utilizing the robot that is attached to the patient. It is a more precise way to do some surgeries, and reduces the recovery time. It’s something that most hospitals do not have.

3 How have you become a top five employer in the U.S.?

It’s driven mainly by a survey of our employees. You have to provide email addresses of your employees. They are then sent a confidential email by the modern healthcare folks, and they determine how happy they are to work here.


4  What is Stillwater Medical Center’s goal in the community?

Our mission statement talks about providing passionate, quality healthcare service. Also, responding to the needs of the people in the region so that we offer the services that they want and that we do it in an effecient and quality way.

5 What else is the Stillwater Medical Center doing?

We are expanding our oncology services and preparing a site to put a radiation therapy center.


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