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May 26, 2012

Stilly Studio: New label, same Red Dirt sound for Sullins and Last Call Coalition

STILLWATER, Okla. — A little more than a month separates fans of Chad Sullins and the Last Call Coalition from the group’s newest album, “Incommunicado”, which will be released July 10.

Band members include Chad Sullins, Josh Rutz, Jerry Stanley and Jeremy Clark.

When asked what excites them about the new album, Sullins and Rutz replied “everything.”

“Hyping it up, we’ve got a label behind us now and everything is coming together really well and it’s really exciting,” Rutz said.

Sullins said that over the past few years, fans have said they liked the group’s first record “Uphill Battle”, but that it was worth going to see them live. He loves that, he said.

“I’d rather have somebody say that every day,” Sullins said. “But with this (album), I think it really encompasses what we can do onstage and it’s been put on a record.”

“Uphill Battle” was released in 2009. Sullins began the record by himself, without an official band. It was recorded in Stillwater. When the Last Call Coalition was formed, the recording process had been a year in the making and had been halted by a lack of money. The group pooled together the money to finish the record.

“If you listen to that first record, there’s like five songs that are really produced songs with studio players and there’s four or five songs that are just us getting in there and saying, ‘Let’s knock this thing out,’” Sullins said.

He said he wishes he could go back and record the album again with the knowledge he has acquired since. After “Uphill Battle”, Sullins released an acoustic EP titled “What’s Left of Me.”

For Sullins, the writing process is not standard. He said it’s not structured.

“Some of my favorite stuff has just come from about 30 minutes and I got it and it’s usually based on something that’s happened to me in my life at that point in time,” Sullins said.

Rutz and Sullins have different stories about how music entered their life. Sullins lived in Yukon when he began writing. A friend of his had introduced him to Red Dirt music and artists like Cross Canadian Ragweed and Jason Boland. He fell in love with it, he said.

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