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August 29, 2013

Stillwater resident chosen for workshop

STILLWATER, Okla. — A Stillwater artist who has studied across the U.S. and overseas is one of a select few chosen to take part in a new business seminar.

Tim Grischkowsky was chosen as one of 25 artists across varying media to participate in Artist Inc.’s Live Workshop, a once-a-week, three-hour session held for eight weeks.

The Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition will host the program in Oklahoma City.

“Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition, they’ve been an organization since 1988 and they have always been on the lookout to better serve the arts community here (in the state),” Grischkowsky said. “There’s been programs similar that OVAC has done ... but not as in-depth as this one.”

The three-hour sessions include marketing art, finding grants and fellowships, budgeting and developing business plans.

Grischkowsky decided to apply in June. He said the program will benefit him greatly.

“As of right now, I’m not a full professional artist yet,” he said. “Most of my income is not coming from my art. I’m at that stage where I’m pushing toward being fully supported by my art and this will give me a lot of forward momentum.”

He said meeting other dedicated artists is always a positive experience.

“I like meeting new artists and networking and learning from other successful artists because I feel when artists get to know each other, it becomes a family because we all know how hard it is to get going,” he said. “Most artists will look out for one another.”

Grischkowsky works in several media including ink, watercolor, graphite, pencil, acrylics and oils.

“I’ve kind of been interested in art growing up, but when I was 16, I knew I wanted to pursue it as a career path,” Grischkowsky said.

For the past two years, he said his work has revolved around one subject.

“I describe myself as an artist that works from the divinity within,” he said. “I would describe it as creating from my heart. Mostly, what I create is images of higher dimensional figures that are in union with the environments around them.”

This can be anything from nature to cosmic scenes, he said.

“It has changed so much from when I started,” he said. “From four years ago, I’m a completely different artist.”

Although his current work relates to his portfolio in high school, he said it has risen to a higher level.

“As far as how I approach a project, sometimes I’ll have an idea before I start drawing or painting and I kind of know what it’s going to look like,” he said. “I map it out and set up my plan. Sometimes, I’ll just start drawing or painting without any preconceived idea of what it’s going to be.”

One piece can take from 80 to 100 hours.

Grischkowsky’s journey since high school has taken him many places.

“I grew up in Stillwater, but I’ve been gone for six years,” he said. “I’ve traveled and trained around the country and Europe as an artist and now I’m coming back and setting up a home base in Oklahoma.”

He’s been back since May. However, in that six years, Grischkowsky has traveled to the Art Institute in Kansas City, New Mexico and Switzerland.

“That was an awesome experience because I’m half Swiss ... It definitely influenced my work because I got a lot of exposure to original art that isn’t necessarily available in Oklahoma,” he said. “Europe is just so packed with museums.”

He even spent time here at Oklahoma State University and further west in California.

“I studied with some professional artists,” he said. “After my year and a half there, I got to the point where I had six years of training and wanted to set up a studio and go for it.”

The costs of setting up shop in California were too high. He decided to return to where he began. Grischkowsky now works out of a home locally, but hopes to eventually set up his own studio as a jumping off point toward showing his work statewide, nationally and internationally.

“I’m proud of my Oklahoma heritage and want to contribute to the arts scene here and be an Oklahoma-based artist,” he said.

To see more of Grischkowsky’s work, visit

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