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September 13, 2013

Former Oklahoma State player Fath' Carter says he was misled

Stillwater NewsPress

STILLWATER, Okla. — Former Oklahoma State University football player Fath' Carter said he was not aware his interview, as part of a Sports Illustrated investigative series into the OSU football program, would turn into a "bashing campaign," in an email sent to the NewsPress Friday afternoon.

Carter is named as one of the sources in the five-part series. In part one, titled "Money," Carter said he observed boosters of the program slipping cash into player's hands following games.

"We are talking about $500 handshakes," said Carter in the story on

In his email to the NewsPress Friday, Carter said he was misled in the interview. The following is the text of the email:

"I first want to apologize to the OSU community on my behalf on what the SI article has caused.  I was led to believe the article was about something else when I agreed to sit down with SI, when it was indeed a bashing campaign.  When I backed what I said I had only read the first section on Tuesday, I had not read or had access to the rest of the articles as they hadn't came out yet. Had no idea it was a five part series trying to take down the program, and it was supposed to be about how OSU turned the program around, and later declined the Video interview once I realized, was naive and should of been smarter. I never stated that I had two degrees and didn't give dates on academic misconduct. It is my fault for not waiting until the full article came out before commenting on the situation and I regret it.  I love all of my former players and they know me. Any transgressions and misconduct I did where my own. I am not disgruntled in any way.  Terry Henley is like a father figure to me!!! I love that man, he helped me make the transition into a man and counseled me throughout my years at OSU both on and off the field, I told SI that. The things he instilled in me I use now. I cannot say enough about him and his staff. He truly invested in me even though I was young and dumb at the time. He is very capable, honest, trustworthy and an excellent counselor. Of course that wasn't put in the article."