Stillwater News Press

November 16, 2012

Airport board tables deal with gas processing company

By John Filonow
Stillwater NewsPress

STILLWATER, Okla. — The Stillwater Regional Airport Authority unanimously moved to table a consideration for a right of way agreement with PVR Gas Processing of Irving, Texas, Thursday.

The agreement as written would have the company pay $500 for perpetual rights to a 5-foot portion of the northern section of the airport’s property.

Board secretary Fred Schultz said he couldn’t vote to approve the agreement in good conscience. He said gas and mineral land rights on an airport are more valuable than other types of property.

“Industrial property is much more valuable than on a ranch,” Schultz said.

Board member Charles Bacon said “perpetuity is unacceptable to several of us.”

According to the contract, PVR would put in a 4-inch gas line. City Attorney John Dorman said he was concerned that the company could change the size of the line in the future.

Bacon said he would feel more comfortable if the rights to the land had a term designation in case the airport wanted to use the land 15 to 20 years down the line as part of the master plan.

PVR representative Tyler Remington said he wasn’t sure how long the company would need to use the land, as they would only use it as long as the well was productive.

Remington said the well could be in use for more than 35 years.

Johnson gave the board an update on the Federal Aviation Administration National Asset Report. Johnson said he presented at the Oklahoma State Airport Operators Association meeting two weeks ago and he is working with a task force to bring awareness to Oklahoma airports.

“Most people are not aware ... there’s 37 regional business airports, like Stillwater, and there are 40 airports in Oklahoma that are completely unclassified,” Johnson said. “That is 76 percent of all airports in Oklahoma.”