Stillwater News Press

August 22, 2013

Delaware company attempts to sell public records to Payne County residents

By Nick Woodruff
Stillwater NewsPress

STILLWATER, Okla. —  Payne County Clerk Glenna Craig asks residents to think twice before purchasing a copy of  property records and deeds. The records probably can be obtained free at the Payne County Clerk's Office.

 A service from Wilmington, Del. is soliciting  Payne County residents to purchase deeds  and property records from its company called Record Transfer. Record Transfer states Payne County will charge $83 to obtain these records, but Payne County Clerk Glenna Craig said this is not true.

The clerk's office doesn't charge residents for copies of their records. Before believing the company's claims, Craig said to  ask questions and visit the clerk's office to try and obtain the records before paying any fees.

 "We know very little but many citizens have been calling us," Craig said. "We've had enough people come to us that we thought it may be time for people to be informed about the situation."

Craig said the No. 1 thing she wants people to know is that the clerk's office doesn't charge anything to land owners for their records. She said she feels they have a right to get this information whenever they want.

 "If they own it, I feel like they should be able to get their records," Craig said. "The fact the letter says we will charge $83 is simply not true."

If there are any questions, the Payne County Clerk's office is located at 315 W. Sixth Av. on the second floor of the County Administration Building. Also, a person can call the clerk's office at 405-747-8310