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September 1, 2013

Presbyterian Women's Bowling League striking 50 years of fun and fellowship



“It takes determination to reach that blissful day

When your ball stays on that narrow alley — all-of-the-way!

It takes lots of time and practice, and coordination, too,

And then before you know it, you're knocking down a few.

There's just no denying that concentration helps a bit,

And soon you've improved so much, you're able now to split.

But hope springs eternal, and to quit you wouldn't dare,

because it was just bound to happen — look there — you made a spare!

And then red letter day — oh, you all know what it's like

Something clicks — a perfect ball, and everyone screams —


In the game of bowling there's one truth we all have found:

What good is any strike, if your friends are not around?

And no matter if your score is low, or you're league heroine,

If fun and fellowship come first, then everyone will win.”

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