Stillwater News Press

May 2, 2013

Woman, 71, claims deputy broke her arm

By Russell Hixson
Stillwater NewsPress

STILLWATER, Okla. — A Stillwater man is in jail facing a misdemeanor charge following a scuffle with Payne County deputies who injured his 71-year-old mother’s arm.

Court records show the incident occurred while the deputies trying to break up a heated argument between the mother and son.

George Reid, 52, is charged with resisting a law enforcement officer.

In an interview with the NewsPress, Reid’s mother Ramona Larsen said her arm was broken when deputies tried to detain her after she called them to investigate the suspected theft of her prescription medication on April 23.

As police started counting the pills, Larsen and Reid got into a heated argument, an arrest affidavit shows.The deputies told the two to stop but they kept arguing. An officer then stepped between them and ordered Larsen to step back. When she did not comply, the officer took her by the left arm and started walking her toward a couch.

“You could hear that bone snap across the whole room,” Larsen said. The woman said the officer twisted her arm and broke it.

Reid told the deputies they are not going to hurt his mom, the affidavit shows. When an officer put his hand on Reid’s chest Reid knocked it away. Reid then resisted as officers placed him under arrest for assault and had to be subdued using an arm bar, the affidavit shows.

Officers called an ambulance which took Larsen to Stillwater Medical Center. The affidavit asked for an arrest warrant for Larson for obstructing an officer. As of Tuesday, court records show she has not been charged.

“I think they were very bad and very rude,” Larsen said of the deputies’ behavior.

Larsen has filed a formal complaint with the sheriff’s department.

Payne County Sheriff’s Department Capt. Kevin Woodward said all parties likely will be interviewed by the sheriff to determine the merit of the complaint.