Stillwater News Press

March 7, 2014

QUICK 5: Stillwater TV goes live

By Megan Sando
Stillwater News Press

STILLWATER, Okla. — City of Stillwater Television runs a monthly news program, in-house public service announcements and now live streaming of city council meetings and planning commission meetings. Blake Schaich, multimedia technician for the City of Stillwater, is in charge of live streaming these meetings.

1 What technology is being used to live stream the city council and planning commission meetings?

We are using Ustream, which is a video web streaming platform, to host our stream.

We simply take the live feed that we send to Suddenlink and AT&T U-verse and run it through Ustream.

2 How long has this option to view the meetings been available?

We have been running trials on the live stream since late January. We are streaming City Council, Planning Commission and a few other live productions the city produces.

3 What's the benefit of live streaming these meetings?

We've always had the capability of providing replays of meetings on our YouTube account, but live streaming gives an additional tool for interested people in Stillwater city government to view meetings as it happens live worldwide.

So whether you are in Tulsa or Turkey, you have the capability to view meetings live.

4 How much is it costing to run this program?

We pay a monthly subscription for Ustream right now, but the equipment that helps us to stream was installed with the audio/video upgrade in the council hearing room at city hall the summer 2012.

5 How can community members view the live streaming of these meetings?

People can view the stream by going to the City's website, and find the City of Stillwater TV link on the homepage. Or, you can visit