Stillwater News Press

March 7, 2013

Raising cattle steers family in right direction

By Russell Hixson
Stillwater NewsPress

STILLWATER, Okla. — Raising cattle brings families closer. That’s what Jennifer Crosthwait believes. It takes everyone to feed, water, walk and work the cows.

“Sometimes it’s hard work and I’m sure there are lots of arguments, but it is fun,” she said.

Her two children, 7-year-old Ryne and 10-year-old Teegin, brought four Angus cows to the Payne County Expo Center for the Junior Livestock Show Tuesday. Both said it’s fun having the massive “pets” at home, even though it can be difficult to get them to move when they are feeling stubborn.

Though young, Teegin and Ryne are veterans of showing cows. Teegin has participated in nearly 20 shows and has won reserve breed champion and first place. Ryne said he’s also won many first- and second-place ribbons.

Ryne offered his advice for raising a good heifer.

“You have to feed them just the right amount of feed,” he said.

He is dwarfed while standing next to a large black cow named Runaway. Ryne wears leather cowboy boots stitched with crossed pistols.  

Runaway got her name after fleeing from Ryne and Teegin when she was a calf.

Teegin also offered her advice. A good cattleman always is focused on the calf without getting distracted by what else is going on, she said. And they take time to make sure the cow is comfortable.

 “Get them used to you so they don’t kick and jump everywhere,” she said.

Teegin and Ryne said they don’t really get competitive during showings. Do they get along so well at home?

“Nooooo!” they both yelled, laughing.