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July 16, 2012

UPDATE: More witnesses on tap Tuesday in felony trial for Oklahoma State athlete Darrell Williams

STILLWATER, Okla. — Prosecutors are expected to call more witnesses Tuesday in suspended Oklahoma State University basketball player Darrell Williams’ sex crime trial.

An OSU student testifying Monday identified Williams as the man who sexually assaulted her at a house party.

The witness told a Payne County District Court jury another man she believed to also be a basketball player used his cellphone to video the ordeal.

Williams, 22, is accused of sexually assaulting two women at an off-campus party in December 2010. Williams is on trial on four counts of rape by instrumentation and a count of sexual battery.

The woman testified Monday morning during questioning by Assistant District Attorney Jill Tontz that Williams touched her sexually twice despite her telling him to stop and trying to pull his arms away.

The student said Williams, in OSU basketball warm-up clothing, hugged her from behind outside a basement entrance. Williams touched her breasts and stuck his hands down her pants and touched her groin, the victim testified.

“I told him to stop and go find another girl,” she testified.

The woman said while she was looking for her driver’s license and some cash she thought she lost while Williams was touching her, he came up behind her and touched her breasts and stuck his hands down her pants again. She said this time Williams inserted his fingers inside her. The victim testified that she told Williams to stop several times but he did not. She tried to pull his arms away but was not strong enough, the woman said. She testified that another man in basketball warm-up gear was videoing the assault with his phone and was laughing.

The woman did not accuse Williams of assaulting anyone else at the party.

She testified that while at the police station she picked Williams out of an unlabeled photo of the OSU basketball team in white uniforms.

 Defense attorney Cheryl Ramsey noted Williams was never identified in a line up of head shots while wearing street clothes and asked if the victim had had an expectation that her attacker was in the photo. The woman said she did not.

During cross examination, Ramsey questioned the victim’s behavior. Ramsey asked why the victim didn’t scream or scratch during the assault, why she had returned to her attacker after the first assault and why the woman did not take advantage of OSU support for assault victims.

The woman said that during the assaults she was frightened and did not think anyone would hear her. She said she returned to her attacker because she thought he had taken her driver’s license and she needed it to drive and did not want him to know where she lived. She said she did not take advantage of OSU support, such as rearranging class schedules to avoid Williams or free counseling, because she did not need it. She also did not have a formal hearing with OSU officials because she did not want to jeopardize the Stillwater police investigation’s investigation and she felt harassed by the school’s constant calls and emails, she said.

Ramsey pointed out inconsistencies in the police statement written by the woman and the section of a letter the witness penned with two other women who attended the party with her. The letter, which was delivered anonymously to university officials and the police department, had several changes that the victim said were added after she submitted her section to her acquaintance who compiled and edited the letter. The acquaintance also has accused Williams of sexually assaulting her.

The letter said the women went to the basement after arriving at the house, referred to the basement as a cellar, and claimed a group of individuals interacted with the victim upon entering the basement rather than one. The victim said that is incorrect.

How Williams was identified has also been a focus of the defense. The victim said she learned the name of her attacker several days later. She said she saw the man who assaulted her while shopping and asked an employee the man’s name. She said he told her it was Darrell Williams. The victim testified it was the same person she saw at a bar before the party, at the party and during her assault.

“I knew it was the person who attacked me,” the woman said. That same day, Dec. 15, 2010, the woman identified Williams in a basketball photo.

The victim testified that she recognized some basketball players, including Marshall Moses, in OSU warm-up suits at the party and assumed others who were wearing the suits were also players.

During cross examination by Ramsey, the victim said none of her clothing had been damaged during either assault and she was not injured.

District Judge Phillip Corley said the trial would resume Tuesday  at 9 a.m.

Oklahoma State men's basketball coach Travis Ford suspended Williams from the team in February 2011 but Williams has continued to practice with the Cowboys and remains on the roster.

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