Stillwater News Press

June 27, 2013

Summer heat tough to beat

By Chase Rheam
Stillwater NewsPress

STILLWATER, Okla. — Temperatures in Stillwater are rising with forecasts recently of 90 to 100 degrees.

The forecast calls for a high of at least 100 Thursday. The high will hover around 95 Friday.

During summer, residents are urged to take precautions and be aware as heat-related illnesses are dangerous and can be fatal.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health website states those in the warmer climates should drink more water and avoid alcohol or sugary beverages, stay indoors or seek shelter in a cooler place for breaks from the heat. People also should wear light, bright colored clothing.

Children and elderly are at a greater risk from summer’s heat.

An Oklahoma State University release warns Oklahomans to never leave their children inside a parked car, even for a short amount of time. While the hot temperatures have killed eight children across the country already this year, there’s more harm that can come from the risky decision.

“Unattended children can release a parking brake and harm themselves or others,” said OSU Cooperative Extension Parenting Specialist Laura Hubbs-Tait.

Those who think they may be overheated or ill should seek medical attention immediately for extreme heat illnesses, take a cool shower or bath to lower their body temperature or seek a cool, air-conditioned location.