Stillwater News Press

June 13, 2013

Meter equipment installation now completed at Boomer Lake Station

By NewsPress Staff
Stillwater NewsPress

STILLWATER, Okla. — By Merrick Eagleton

The installation of additional metering equipment at Boomer Lake Station, where Stillwater Utilities Authority has its power generation plant, was completed Thursday.

The new equipment is required for registration with the Southwest Power Pool. It is requiring this as part of the new electricity market. Stillwater Utilities Authority Director Dan Blankenship said the new market will be known as the Integrated Marketplace and become effective in March.

“The SPP will be able to monitor the operation of our two steam generation units,” Blankenship said. “In the Integrated Marketplace, we will only be able to run the units if the SPP tells us via GRDA (Grand River Dam Authority) to run them.”

The Stillwater Utilities Authority Board of Trustees approved the purchase of metering equipment May 13.

The authority also conducted a separate study earlier this year that looked into the possibility of purchasing additional natural gas fired generators. The study concluded it would be beneficial for the SUA to increase its electricity generation capabilities, Blankenship said.

According to the city’s Website, the Boomer Lake Station is primarily run only when there is a high demand for electricity. It states it becomes cheaper to generate electricity here rather than purchase it from an outside source. The Boomer Lake Station is available year round as a standby source of power for emergency situations in Stillwater.