Stillwater News Press

July 22, 2013

Stronger economy gives Krazy Days a big boost

By Nick Woodruff
Stillwater NewsPress

STILLWATER, Okla. — Krazy Days went crazily good.

The last two years, the annual shopping spree hasn’t done well because of the falling economy. This year, Amy Jo Frazier, business improvement district coordinator for Stillwater, said the event went overwhelmingly better than the last two years.

Much of the success of Krazy Days this year stems from the economy gaining steam again, Frazier said, but she also said the weather was nicer than normal, too.

Frazier not only works for the city, but also for merchants in Stillwater, she said. She was responsible for helping merchants understand Krazy Days and promoting the event.

She said the theme for merchants this year was that the economy has been slow the last two years. She encouraged merchants before Krazy Days that business should pick back up this year, she said. Frazier said the prediction was right and Krazy Days was a big success for Stillwater.

She said Kent Kenzie at Leonard Jewelry said it was by far better than the last few years. Other companies in downtown Stillwater also told Frazier this year was better than the last two.

One company which hit a home run during Krazy Days was Summit in downtown Stillwater, Frazier said. She said Brady Moore at Summit printed 1,300 T-shirts for its anniversary and the shirts were for sale at 6 a.m. Thursday. By 9 a.m., the T-shirts were sold out. Moore told Frazier he ordered more T-shirts but didn’t expect them to be gone that fast, she said.

Frazier said the best part about Krazy Days from her standpoint is that the event is building back to where it was before or better. Krazy Days, like other things, has slowed down throughout the last couple of years and it’s reassuring it did well this year, she said.

“Krazy Days has a long-standing tradition,” Frazier said. “It’s very exciting to see that positive turn. We knew it was coming, looking at the numbers from a city perspective, but we are just so happy to see it picking back up.”

There was a healthy mixture of participants in Krazy Days, Frazier said. She said merchants, especially downtown, aren’t like merchants within a mall; each merchant in Stillwater has the choice to participate or not.

Even though many Stillwater residents enjoy Krazy Days, there are also many people from out of the city who enjoy it, too, she said. Frazier said the most frequent phone call the Stillwater Chamber of Commerce gets throughout the year is the phone call asking, “When is Krazy Days?”

With the success of this year, Frazier said she hopes more merchants will decide to participate in Krazy Days next year.

“Some owners were a little bit leery about participating,” Frazier said. “It slowed down quite a bit the last two years.

“More owners participated this year in hope of business picking up and it did. I think it will expand even more next year because of the success of this year.”